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BBQ Buffet Menu A
$12.84 w/GST ($12.00) per pax (min 30 pax)


Points to Note :
*Full set of disposable wares, serviettes, garbage bags, Chilli &Tomato Sauce, Charcoal 3kg, Butter, Fire Starters & Disposable Brush
*Transportation : Delivery Charge of $32.10 w/GST ($30.00) per order
*For all orders to the CBD area, there will be an additional $10.70 (w/GST $10.00)
*Duration is for 3 hours only (as per NEA regulation)
*All prices are subjected to prevailing government taxes

Cost : $12.84 w/GST ($12.00) per person (minimum 30 persons)
No. of Person :


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